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General terms

- The realm starts on January 14, 03:00 pm server time [GMT +2]
- Duration: 20 days
- Participants in the event are:
*Top 50 players for 2020 from Imperia Online Hall of fame.
*All players invited by the selected Legends to join their alliances.
Victory Conditions in Realm of Legends

- In order to win the Realm of Legends, the Legend Player and his Alliance must collect the most points. The points are created in the following way:
*The sum of Battle Rating points of all Alliance members. Let’s call this sum (A).
*A new Alliance Battle Rating is implemented, which is won or lost through conducting alliance battles. Let’s call this Battle Rating (B).
*The Alliance’s final result is the sum of the battle ratings of all alliance members and the alliance battle rating multiplied by 10. The formula is: A+B*10
- Important: When player X attacks player Y, the Battle Rating points, which he will receive, are determined by the difference between their networth points.
*For example, when the attacking player X has 1000 networth points, and the player Y has 200 networth points, if player X wins, he will receive 200/1000=1/5 from the networth points, which he would otherwise receive, if player Y’s networth points are equal to his.
*Meaning - if the attacking player has a big advantage by networth points and wins the battle, he will receive less Battle Rating points. And vice-versa - if he loses the battle, despite his way more networth points, he will lose lots of Battle Rating points.
*Battle rating will not be gained in battles with less than 8 rounds (in case of 7 or less rounds). This rule applies to both individual and alliance battles.
*If the army losses are less than 27200 gold equivalent for the personal battles and less than 136000 for the alliance battles, no battle rating will be gained.
*Battle rating will not be gained in battles against Independent castles.

- The Legend Player’s name whose Alliance has won the Realm of Legends, will be commemorated in a new section in the Hall of Fame, created exclusively for this prestigious accomplishment.
- Also, his name will be written in the Monument building, where it will be visible by all players.
- For winning the 1st place:
*All Alliance members receive Realm of Legends gold medals.
*All Alliance members receive 1500 points for the Hall of Fame.
*Each member receives 150 000 diamonds.
- For winning the 2nd place:
*All Alliance members receive Realm of Legends silver medals.
*All Alliance members receive 750 points for the Hall of Fame.
*Each member receives 100 000 diamonds.
- For winning the 3rd place:
*All Alliance members receive Realm of Legends bronze medal.
*All Alliance members receive 450 points for the Hall of Fame.
*Each member receives 75 000 diamonds.
- For winning the 4th and the 5th place:
*All Alliance members receive Realm of Legends Top 5 medals.
*All Alliance members receive 300 points for the Hall of Fame.
*Each member receives 50 000 diamonds.
- For winning from 6th to 10th place:
*All Alliance members receive Realm of Legends Top 10 medals.
*All Alliance members receive 225 points for the Hall of Fame.
*Each member receives 25 000 diamonds.
- For legendary players:
*A Legend Medal in the Realm of Legends.
*105 Hall of Fame points.
- For players, who are participants in the Realm of Legends.
*Participation Medals.
*45 Hall of Fame points.
Realm Characteristics:

- Realm speed - Ultra Blitz x20.
- All legendary players are automatically placed in Alliances with their name.
- All legendary players receive 49 keys each (links), which they can send to other players, chosen by them to be invited into an Alliance in the Realm of Legends.
- Maximum members in each Alliance can be 50.
- During the event the Alliances cannot change their team composition. The chosen Legend Player becomes an Alliance Leader and cannot be replaced. The Alliance cannot invite or kick members.
- The player attack limit according to their networth points is increased from +-5 times to +-10 times difference.
- Morale, honor and attacking power punishments of the engaging army due to attacks out of net worth points range x2 are removed.
- Within the first 72 hours, all players will be protected from attacks.
- No barbarian camps.
- No tournaments.
- No Vacation mod.
- No Holiday protection.
- No Wonders.
- No Global events.
- Diamonds withdraw out of the alliance treasury will be allowed.
- The army upkeep will vary depending on the percent that the army represents from the total networth of the player.
- All terrain modifiers will be with increased values.
- Players will be able to send all types of resources to their allies.
- New Happiness modifiers will be included - death of an emperor/empress will cause a loss of 10 happiness, death of a governor/warden general will cause a loss of 5 happiness, dynastic marriage will cause a gain of 5 happiness, colony turning indestructible will cause a gain of 10 happiness, paying a ransom for a captured great person will cause a gain of 10 happiness.
- The population growth will be affected by its happiness - lowered happiness will lead to lowered growth.
- Big festivals will grant 3 happiness per level instead of 2.
- Alliance Premium with a single time charge fee will be available and will be active for the whole event.
- Non-aggression Pact and Federation alliance relations are disabled.
- Locking attacks will work on a new principle. The networth of the attacking army must be at least 20% of the networth of the defender. The locking will occur only in the last 10 minutes before the battle instead of during the whole period in which the attack is visible.

*The Imperia Online Team reserves its right to change the rules of the tournament at any time without prior notification or explanation to the participants.