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  1. 45 6161COTROPITORUL
  2. 42 5822.Roxerxes.
  3. 42 3533ryabba
  4. 42 1724cosminel.onel
  5. 40 1655berny_04
  6. 39 4206II_Gringo
  7. 38 4397AL_GRANN
  8. 36 5108l_immortale
  9. 36 2999reuliel
  10. 36 10310julliian1
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How to register?

If you have been chosen as a legend in the Realm of Legends, you will receive a message in the game containing a registration key - quick link. Follow the link to register and join the correspondent alliance.

All legendary players will be given 9 additional keys (quick links) that they could use to invite 9 players to their alliance. If a legendary player sends you a key and you use it, you will receive access to the Realm of Legends, as well as an invitation to participate in the player’s alliance.


Summer Games End & Realm of Legends Start