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  1. 126,6K1sorin3o
  2. 124,4K2josue.ceballos.
  3. 124,3K3galaev.dmitry
  4. 123,7K4n1marius
  5. 97 6805julliian1
  6. 81 9966grigore001
  7. 72 2477iam.rivastapia
  8. 69 8538marcelos2110
  9. 63 8439--TATANKA--
  10. 39 59810magdinci
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How to register?

If you are one of Top 50 players for 2020 in Imperia Online Hall of fame, you will receive a message in the game containing a registration key - quick link. Follow the link to register and join the correspondent alliance.

All legendary players will be given 49 additional keys (quick links) that they could use to invite 49 players to their alliance. If a legendary player sends you a key and you use it, you will receive access to the Realm of Legends, as well as an invitation to participate in the player’s alliance.


Season II Official Launch